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17 Aug 2016

MovieStarPlanet is a site for you fare of friends talking, you made an / a best friends, do you have a boyfriend ect ... (you can also make you pet that is called Bonnies Petpet Ps: there are very mignion: 3)

There are also games like crazy costume Map Quiz Casting fashion show for nival 3, You can also make games between you is of course friends, I forget something you can win this $ noment "SartCoins" and you can also earn points for nival is noment "fames".

You can also become VIP During one week + 750 Starcoins, Also for 1 month + 6000 Starcoins, For 3 months + 15.000 Starcoins + Jury , pandant 12 months + 50.000 starcoin + Judge!

I'm not much I present my article but not much except be careful to scam I'll put vip he...